Man confessed to role in MAGA riot while interviewed after his arrest for domestic assault: FBI
Trump rioters in the U.S. Capitol.

A Washington man admitted to entering the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 riot during an FBI interview following his arrest for domestic assault in Spokane County, court documents show.

Joshua Edward Johnson, of Spokane WA, was arrested Wednesday in Plano, TX on charges that include illegal entry, disorderly conduct and parading in the Capitol, according to the Department of Justice website on the January 6 riot cases.

The FBI criminal complaint against Johnson indicates he was identified with the help of three witnesses who were family members. One of them indicated she had helped Johnson book an airplane ticket to D.C. and also identified him in a picture she provided the FBI from the New Yorker, the complaint states. A second member was aware Johnson was in the Capitol on January 6 and a third said Johnson told them afterward.

Here's the FBI’s description of its interview with Johnson:

“Johnson was arrested on July 19, 2021, by the Spokane County Sherriff’s Department for a domestic assault. He was interviewed by the FBI in custody. After waiving his Miranda rights, Johnson acknowledged (having posted pictures from the U.S. Capitol as) “#Metrojack” and confirmed his identity by writing his initials on each photograph. Johnson saw the police retreating and rioters advancing toward the entrance to the Capitol; once he reached the door, he saw police and rioters spraying each other with what he believed was mace.

“Johnson admitted to entering the Capitol and making his way to the floor of a House of Congress on January 6, 2021. (Johnson identified the chamber he entered as the “Congress” side, although the photographs indicate that he was actually in the Senate). Johnson explained he had entered the Capitol Building because he wanted to “stop the steal”; he hoped to find Congress in session and stand there and “be heard” by Congress. He hoped to convince then-Vice President Pence to “do the right thing” and call out the “funky business going on with the votes.”

The report stated that the FBI searched Johnson’s home and found the clothing and a gas mask he wore to the Capitol, as well as airline ticket stubs for his flight.

You can read the FBI statement of facts here.