Maddow flattens 'Beltway press' for claim GOP will support anything: They won't even investigate an attack on themselves
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow railed against the "Beltway press" for pretending that the times are normal and that today's Republican Party and Republican officials will ever cooperate with Democrats on any legislation.

Maddow noted that Republicans are mad that Democrats are forming the Jan. 6 Select Committee after they voted down legislation that their own people negotiated with Democrats. The bill would have created a bipartisan commission to investigate the Capitol attack agreeing to the Republican demands. But the legislation was stopped. Now, Republicans are miffed that Democrats are forming a committee without their input or involvement.

"They delegated Republicans to work on coming up with a nonpartisan or bipartisan plan for an investigation. They did that. It was successful, and then, Republican leadership said, 'No, don't vote for it anyway," recalled Maddow. "Republicans voted no on a nonpartisan expert commission even though they helped come up with the idea. They filibustered it in the Senate. So, in lieu of that, Democrats proposed a select committee that will include members from both parties and a staff and subpoena power to compel production of evidence and witnesses."

Tuesday night, however, Republican leadership is working on whipping the vote against that too.

"It is literally their own workplace that was attacked by a mob that was, among other things, shouting at the time they wanted to hunt down and hang the vice president from their own party," Maddow exclaimed. "The Republicans do not want the look into it. They will not vote for any inquiry, either a nonpartisan or bipartisan or select committee inquiry, to look into what happened there. They will not hear it. I love the Beltway press still maintains that Republicans are going to come along and vote in significant numbers for Joe Biden's infrastructure bill, or, you know, for bipartisan policing reform efforts or literally anything that Biden or the Democrats want to do. The Republicans will not vote to investigate a crime committed against themselves! Not if the democrats want it. The Republicans are not interested in doing stuff with the Democrats. Big stuff, small stuff. They don't want it."

President Biden has made it clear that he is optimistic but clear-eyed on the future of the infrastructure bill.

See Maddow's opener below:

Will Republicans ever do anything for Americans?