'You've never read it': Madison Cawthorn mocked as an 'idiot' for humiliating '1984' book report tweet
Madison Cawthorn. (Instagram)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) was ridiculed Tuesday evening after a random tweet saying the book 1984 is becoming America.

The first important bit of information for Cawthorn to know is that all novels are fiction. The second point is that it is obvious Cawthorn has never read the book. The George Orwell dystopian future details the consequences of totalitarianism, state surveillance and dictatorial regimes from repressive leaders. Orwell was a democratic socialist and was writing his book as a critique on Stalin's Russia and Nazi Germany after the war had ended.

Much of the book also explores the role of truth and factual information in politics and government. It's a take that many commented on during President Donald Trump's presidency when his chief strategist, Kellyanne Conway, invented the phrase "alternative facts" to avoid calling out his lies. Orwell's book easily foretold of a leader like Trump, who manipulated reality to achieve greater power and control.

So, it's clear that Cawthorn has never read the book and doesn't know what it's about.

See the mockery below: