'Home schooled all the way through!' Madison Cawthorn urges young conservatives to drop out of college
Madison Cawthorn (Screen Grab)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-SC) on Tuesday took a page from 1960s-era left-wing radicals by urging his fans to drop out of college.

While appearing at Turning Point USA's America Fest, Cawthorn explained how well he turned out despite only receiving lessons from his parents at home.

"I think you should home school," Cawthorn told the crowd. "I was home schooled all the way through!"

He then went on to brag about his experience dropping out of college.

"I am proudly a college dropout," he said. "Unless you are becoming a doctor or lawyer or engineer, I highly encourage you to drop out. It's a scam!"

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Cawthorn also implored his followers to get "a great job" and be "as successful as you possibly can be" without noting that people with bachelor's degrees on average earn around $65,000 a year while people who only have high school degrees earn around $39,000 a year.

Watch the video below.