Madison Cawthorn lampooned after he reveals his ideal president
Cawthorn for Congress camapign ad screenshot

Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina spoke at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida on Friday and offered a vision of the United States that at face value is antithetical to the principles of freedom and democracy.

Cawthorn – a freshman lawmaker embroiled in efforts to bar him from office for supporting the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection led by former President Donald Trump – revealed to the event's right-wing attendees that his ideal commander in chief is an individual who instills fear into the hearts and minds of the global population.

"I want our president to be loved by the American people. I genuinely do, whenever we elect our president," said Cawthorn. "But what I really, truly want in a president is for the rest of the world to be terrified of them."

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

Granted, there were millions of souls who were absolutely petrified during Trump's tumultuous single term, but they were his own citizens.

But as numerous Twitter observers pointed out, Trump was not the dastardly strongman flexing in Cawthorn's fantasies. Despite his shallow tough-guy bluster, Trump was frequently ridiculed by foreign leaders and scorned by the international community for his boorish and often embarrassing behavior.

Like when this happened, for example:

Or this classy move:

PS. No one was afraid of him, Putin had him in his underwear and the rest of the world just thought he was an ass. — \ud83d\udda4Carly Lehwald (@\ud83d\udda4Carly Lehwald) 1645819701

Or the time that the United Nations General Assembly literally laughed at Trump to his face:

Or when our North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies ignored Trump at a summit in 2018:

Others simply panned Cawthorn's totally serious proffering of the ridiculous:

ahh.. yes, welcome to fear factory #CPAC2022. There is nothing better than watching a reckless mouthpiece talking about fear and terror. Way to go Cawthorn, may your god never allow you or anyone you like to be President. — \ud83d\udda4Carly Lehwald (@\ud83d\udda4Carly Lehwald) 1645819575
My friends in South Africa always referred to Trump as "the red-headed clown." Everyone had his number. The only folks who were fooled were the MAGAmaniacs... — Bill King (@Bill King) 1645820831
So Putin? — Willy Smythe (@Willy Smythe) 1645819507
The dumb folk always confuse fear with respect. When you only fear a leader, sooner or later you're going to try to destroy him. People don't like living in fear. They lash out eventually. \n\nBut if a leader is respected, he's got a loyal friend for life. — Ken Scott (@Ken Scott) 1645822271
I'll just never understand how some of these guys are congressmen — Maureen Galligan (@Maureen Galligan) 1645819210
True except for one correction. He did not drop out. HE WAS THROWN OUT OF COLLEGE due to all failing grades. — Patricia Graham Falino (@Patricia Graham Falino) 1645822093
yeah but you don't see those trees talking back, do you — Troy Warr (@Troy Warr) 1645821539

In conclusion, please enjoy this footage of Cawthorn beating up a tree.

Oh yes. It's all about being tough. Like this — Lester Nygaard (@Lester Nygaard) 1645828071