'Really good news!' Madison Cawthorn celebrates 'no major alarms' at latest airport check-in
Instagram/screen grab

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) successfully made it through TSA screening on Wednesday after being caught with a gun at the airport earlier in the week.

Cawthorn was reportedly cited on Tuesday when TSA agents at Charlotte Douglas International Airport found a 9mm handgun in his bag.

The congressman posted a video on Instagram Wednesday after returning to the airport.

"Really good news!" Cawthorn exclaimed. "Just went through TSA, no major alarms, nothing bad happened."

"Fly safe," he added. "Make sure you don't have a gun in your bag."

Cawthorn said that he made a "mistake" by failing to check his luggage for firearms.

"I made a mistake yesterday, no excuse for it, just a flat-out mistake," he remarked.

Watch the video below.