Leaked texts reveal Madison Cawthorn whined to a GOP senator about his wife's criticism
Rep. Madison Cawthorn. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

One week before he will face North Carolina voters in his attempt for the GOP renomination to Congress, The Washington Post on Tuesday published text messages between controversial first-term Rep. Madison Cawthorn and Republican Sen. Thom Tillis.

After Cawthorn announced he was switching districts, Susan Tillis tweeted that the district in which he would be running "didn't need any intervention and we are capable of making our own decisions."

That statement angered the youngest member of Congress, according to a text message exchange leaked to The Washington Post.

“Why is your wife attacking me on Twitter?” Cawthorn asked.

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Tillis replied that he had not seen his wife's tweet, but offered his speculation.

“Just spit ballin here,” Tillis texted, “but maybe because you’ve attacked her husband?”

“I don’t feel like I’ve attacked you that much. I think I’ve said I don’t think you're conservative enough, did not realize that made us enemies," Cawthorn replied.

He had apparently misjudged the situation.

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"In fact, Tillis isn’t the only powerful enemy Cawthorn has made in his own party. The 26-year-old congressman has, in his few years in politics, sparked public outrage with his support for former president Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, inflammatory speeches, repeated driving and gun infractions, and even a nude video," the newspaper reported. "But his falling-out with top Republicans in North Carolina and Washington also arose from more humdrum blunders such as neglecting constituent services and insulting party elders, according to GOP officials and operatives in the state."

Tillis is among many prominent North Carolina Republicans backing state Sen. Chuck Edwards over Cawthorn in the Republican Party primary.

"An allied super PAC is bombarding the district with TV ads and mail pieces highlighting Cawthorn’s string of scandals and indiscretions — a list that gets longer with almost each passing day," the newspaper reported. "Operatives on the ground agree Edwards has the momentum and the attacks on Cawthorn are taking their toll. But with early voting underway and the primary coming up next week, the Edwards campaign may run out of time, and Cawthorn could still come out on top of the splintered field."

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