Trump is sitting on $105 million he could contribute to MAGA rioters' defense — but he's leaving them out to dry: report

On Thursday, the Huffington Post reported that former President Donald Trump's "Save America" PAC is sitting on $105 million, enough to pay $156,000 to the legal defense of every single person charged in the January 6 Capitol attack — but he has made no effort to do so.

"In all, 670 of Trump's Jan. 6 mob face permanent criminal records and five- and six-figure legal bills for believing Trump's lies that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen from him, and acting on his requests that they do something about it," reported S.V. Date. "Cynthia Hughes, who is collecting money to help Jan. 6 defendants — her 'Patriot Freedom Project' web site offers visitors the opportunity to make a '1/6 Thanksgiving Pledge' — appeared on Trump adviser Steve Bannon's podcast and urged Trump to act."

Despite these pleas, however, Trump appears to be leaving the people who attacked the Capitol for him out to dry.

"Federal Election Commission records ... show that through the first half of this year, Trump had not paid for anyone's legal costs related to Jan. 6, other than possibly his own," said the report. "Through June 30, Trump's 'Save America' political committee had paid $206,480 to Elections, LLC, the firm co-founded by Justin Clark, one of the lawyers representing Trump in its dealings with the House Jan. 6 committee."

This comes, ironically, amid new reports showing that the Republican National Committee is paying for Trump's personal legal bills relating to criminal investigations in New York.

Trump's unwillingness to help the rioters so far stands in stark contrast to his famous comments on the 2016 campaign trail that he would pay the legal fees of anyone arrested for "knocking the crap" out of people at his rallies.

Some of the rioters, including so-called "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley who has now been sentenced to 41 months in prison, were under the impression that the former president would pardon them on his way out the door, and that there wouldn't even be any charges in the first place.