MAGA-loving rapper promoted by Lauren Boebert releases new video where he vandalizes and burns LGBTQ flags
Screen cap / YouTube

Tyson James, a MAGA-loving rapper, has released a new video in which he celebrates being called a bigot while setting fire to LGBTQ rainbow flags.

The video for James's new song, entitled "Toxic," features the rapper describing being called names due to his stance against accepting the LGBTQ community.

"I'm gonna serve God, I'm toxic," he raps defiantly. "Ain't with the LGBTQ, y'all ain't gonna make it, believe me you, just face it."

Elsewhere in the track, James criticizes transgender people by rapping, "If you're born a girl, you're not a dude!"

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As he raps these lines, he spray paints the word "ABOMINATION" onto a rainbow flag, and later is seen in a mask burning a rainbow flag in a trash can.

Twitter account @PatriotTakes, which flagged the video on Wednesday, notes that James's work has in the past been promoted by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

Watch the video below.

Tyson James - Toxic (Music Video)