'God-fearing' MAGA rioter begs for mercy in sentencing — and says she's being 'shunned' in her Indiana town
Dona Bissey (DOJ).

On Tuesday, NBC4 Washington reporter Scott MacFarlane, a key authority on the trials of January 6 Capitol rioters, reported that Dona Bissey, who is accused of joining the mob breaking into the Capitol, is pleading for leniency in a hand-written letter to the court, asking for a sentence of just 18 months probation.

In the letter, Bissey, who hails from southern Indiana, described herself as a "God fearing, country loving, law abiding, hard working Patriot" who "attended several of Pres. Trump's events without incident." She says that after her role in the insurrection became public, her hair salon suffered "huge losses" and she is being "shunned" by the people in her small town.

This attitude is a break from Bissey's prior social media posts detailed in the federal complaint, in which she stated, "Best f**king day ever!! I'll never forget. We got into the Capitol Building" and "It was a day I'll remember forever. .. I'm proud to be a part of it."

Over 650 people have now been charged for their involvement in the attack on the Capitol. A number of rioters, faced with harsh prison sentences, are trying to apologize for their actions, including Robert Palmer of Tampa, Florida, who broke down in tears during his sentencing hearing after he pleaded guilty to assaulting Capitol Police officers with a fire extinguisher.