FBI arrests MAGA rioter who texted his brother 'Pence screwed us over' — and then got busted with his help
Gage Skidmore

A man whose text bolsters the argument that MAGA rioters were motivated by anger over Vice President Mike Pence – a key point of the House January 6 Committee – was arrested today by the FBI in connection with the riot.

Todd Tilley, of South Paris, Maine, faces multiple misdemeanor charges for trespassing and disorderly conduct. But his case stands out for his specific reference to Pence in a pre-riot text to his brother. And for the fact that his brother’s cooperation with the FBI seems to have led to his arrest.

“I interviewed Tilley’s brother and showed him (a) picture from (a) video,” an FBI agent wrote, according to court records. Tilley’s brother confirmed that the individual in the picture was Tilley (and further indicated that he was aware that Tilley attended the rally prior to the Capitol riot but did not know whether Tilley had entered the Capitol Building.

“Tilley’s brother sent me the screenshot below of electronic messages between himself and Tilley on January 6, 2021, which included a picture from Tilley of a large crowd gathered near the Washington Monument. (It showed) Tilley’s brother asking, “Are you there?” and Tilley’s response, “Yes. Pence screwed us over.”

“Prior to entering the Capitol, Tilley can be seen on video assisting another individual climb a wall to reach the stairs leading to the Upper West Terrace.” Tilley can later be seen in the video marching through Statutory Hall with the crowd yelling, “Stop the Steal!”

You can read the FBI statement of facts here.