MAGA rioter says he should be freed because there haven't been any new violent rebellions for six months

A man accused of assaulting police officers with a baseball bat during the January 6th Capitol riots says he should be let out of jail before his trial because there haven't been any additional violent pro-Trump rebellions for the last six months.

Via NBC 4 Washington investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane, accused MAGA rioter Rob Gieswein's attorneys argued in court on Tuesday that he was "unlikely" to engage in another insurrection because the circumstances surrounding the January 6th riot were unique.

"There has been no repeat of January 6, or anything like it," Gieswein's lawyers wrote. "While the assessment of future conduct mandates individualized study, the contextual circumstances of January 6 are shared, and as such, the conduct of other defendants who have been at liberty should inform the forecast for Mr. Gieswein, too."

Gieswein faces some of the most serious charges of anyone arrested for participating in the MAGA riots, as prosecutors allege he assaulted officers on the scene with a baseball bat and with bear spray.

A criminal complaint filed against Gieswein cites statements he made in which he said he wanted to intimidate politicians who have allegedly "sold out" the United States to Israel and the Rothschild family.