Trump supporters are freaking out about Mike Pence running in 2024

Supporters of former President Donald Trump are furious that his vice president might try to run for president in 2024, Newsweek reported Thursday.

Former Vice President Mike Pence hasn't made any speeches or given any indication that he might run. That hasn't stopped Trump's most ardent fans, like Alex Jones, from crafting theories that send fans into a whirlwind of anxiety. According to Jones' post on Gab, Pence is mulling a run for president "after betraying the constitution." He cited an Associated Press headline that claims that Pence reentering the world after months on vacation and relocating means he's thinking of running for president.

"He's joining conservative organizations, writing op-eds, delivering speeches and launching an advocacy group that will focus on promoting the Trump administration's accomplishments," said the report.

Trump fans are still angry about Pence refusing to fight the 2020 election with the Electoral College certification.

According to InfoWars writer Tom Pappert, Pence "violated the Constitution by illegally allowing the certification of fraudulent Electoral College votes following the highly contested 2020 election."

"Now, he's apparently gearing up to backstab Trump again and is possibly laying the early groundwork for a 2024 presidential run," he claimed.

Pappert went on to write that "it will be interesting to see how a presidential run would turn out ... given his deep unpopularity among Trump voters."

In a pinned tweet from Jan. 7, Pappert claimed that Pence has been trying to bail on Trump since the Access Hollywood tape dropped during the 2016 election.

"He was working with Reince Priebus to toss Trump from the ticket and take his place. He's never been on our side," Pappert claimed without providing any evidence.

The InfoWars article sent MAGA world into a tizzy, Newsweek explained, citing a Telegram channel MAGA Revolution with 51,000 members.

"Pence betrays Trump again with 2024 move," Martin Walsh also wrote his own similar story for the Conservative Brief website, citing the same Associated Press headline.

"Vice President Mike Pence had no problem betraying President Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him by certifying the 2020 election," wrote Walsh. "Now, he's apparently gearing up to backstab Trump again and is possibly laying the early groundwork for a 2024 presidential run."

Former gameshow host Chuck Woolery made a similar comment.

Former Florida Republican congressional candidate Chuck Callesto said he'd take MyPillow's Mike Lindell over Pence, saying that the former vice president likely doesn't have a future in the Republican Party.

Conservative and former game show host Chuck Woolery shared the Conservative Brief article on Twitter in a post echoing its headline: "Pence Betrays Trump AGAIN With 2024 Move."

Chuck Callesto, a former candidate for Florida's 3rd congressional district, said he would back MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell over Pence.

There's still no indication that Pence intends to run for the presidency. It's entirely possible he's merely trying to make money.

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