Conservative Michelle Malkin banned from Airbnb: report
Michelle Malkin --Screenshot

According to The Daily Beast, far-right writer Michelle Malkin has been banned from using Airbnb after she attended a white nationalist conference in Nashville, Tennessee last November.

"'Consistent with our policies, if we become aware of users who are members of or are actively affiliated with hate groups, we remove them from Airbnb,' company spokesperson Ben Breit told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. The site also banned Malkin’s husband, she wrote, since her trips were often booked from his account," reported Zachary Petrizzo. "'The new twist in my case is Airbnb going after my HUSBAND for simply being married to me. Are my kids next? How about other #AmericaFirst families?' Malkin ... fumed Wednesday afternoon on Twitter."

The conference in question was hosted by American Renaissance, an organization classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Malkin did not use Airbnb on that specific trip.

Malkin, once a common guest on more mainstream conservative media, has allied herself with extremist causes in recent years. She has defended Japanese internment in the Second World War and the racial profiling of Muslims in the post 9/11 counterterrorism fight. Her ties to Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes ultimately led to her being fired by conservative group Young America's Foundation.