Minnesota man who says he's 'pro-mass shooting' arrested trying to buy grenades
Grenades (AFP Photo)

On Friday, FOX 9 reported that a "pro mass shooting" man from Savage, Minnesota has been arrested on federal charges after attempting to buy hand grenades and a machine gun component.

"River William Smith, 20, was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly meeting an informant during an FBI sting to buy grenades and an illegal firearm part that would convert his AR-15-style rifle into a fully automatic machine gun, according to a press release from the DOJ," said the report.

Per court documents, the FBI was tipped off by a retired SWAT commander who worked at a gun range Smith visited in September, after he reported "disturbing behavior" from Smith, including wearing tactical gear and conducting "rapid reload drills" in which he fired 300 rounds of ammunition.

That press release alleged that Smith was planning a violent confrontation with police.

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"The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation revealed evidence that Smith was preparing for a violent exchange with police. Smith stated he is 'pro mass shooting,' sympathized with the Parkland school shooter, and expressed admiration for the individual charged with the recent shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub," said the release. "The FBI also discovered Smith had access to fully automatic rifles, handguns, suppressors, body armor and a Kevlar helmet."

"Smith stated that he was preparing to fight the police and was dedicated to dying in that fight," said the release. "Smith asked a government informant for grenades and an illegal part to convert his AR-15 style rifle into a fully automatic machine gun. On December 14, 2022, under supervision of law enforcement, a meeting between Smith and a government informant was arranged. At the meeting, Smith purchased three hand grenades and four auto sears. Smith was arrested by law enforcement."