'It's so hard to breathe': Man close to intubation says he was wrong to believe COVID was just the flu
Photo: Screen captures

He believed that COVID-19 was just the flu, like what President Donald Trump told people as recently as October.

Daniel Uhlfelder is the Florida lawyer who dressed up as the Grim Reaper to walk around Florida beaches and warn people the dangers of refusing to wear masks or social distance. On Twitter Monday, he announced that a friend of his sent a video that he begged to share with people as a warning.

"I believed this was just the flu. That it was all going to go away," he said through tears, hooked up to oxygen and with monitors on his chest. "That it was political."

"You don't want to end up like me," he continued. "I've been having trouble breathing. I may have to be intubated if I get any worse. I will be intubated if I get any worse. It's so hard to breathe. It affects every person different (sic). But if it affects you like it affected me, you don't want it."

"If wearing a mask can reduce your chance of getting this, even by 5 percent, just wear a mask," he said.

Watch the video below: