'I got to manhandle 5 cops and live to tell' boasted newly arrested capitol rioter
Washington police officer shoved in Capitol door Jan. 6 (Photo: Screen capture)

Brian Glenn Bingham was arrested Tuesday on charges including assault of police officers during the Capitol riot, something the FBI says Bingham bragged about on his Facebook page afterward.

The FBI reported it had received tips about Bingham after the riot from three witnesses, all of whom said they served with him in the Army. The complaint against him details an altercation he started with one of the officers inside the Capitol. Here's an excerpt:

"The video shows Bingham first turning to confront and shout at Officer Hussain before squaring up with Officer Agyeman and ultimately attacking Officer Agyeman... At some point during the fight, Bingham scratched Officer Agyeman on the right side of his left eye."

The complaint details the fight:

"As Bingham continues to scuffle with the officer, other officers get involved to pull Bingham away from the officer he attacked. Eventually the officers are able to get Bingham away from the officer he attacked and push Bingham towards the doorway w. It takes several other officers to finally push Bingham out of the doorway where Bingham then exits the Capitol."

The reports quote social-media posts indicating that Bingham had been in a foyer near where Capitol rioter Ashley Babbitt had been shot. During his altercation with police, Bingham can be heard saying, ""You won't hurt ANTIFA, but you'll murder innocent girls!" "Where do you want me to move? Push me again!"

The report included an exchange of Facebook messages with a person identified as Individual 5:

Individual-5: Are you ok?
BINGHAM: I got to manhandl[e] 5 cops and live to tell

Individual-5: Lol... All of this does not surprise me! Stay safe.

The FBI stated that Bingham had posted a video from the riot January 7 on his since-deleted Facebook account, with the following caption: "The door was open and we walked in and didn't break anything, the girl was killed inside door at right at the end of video You decide? Telling people to be peaceful as we walked in, hmm."

No residence was provided for Bingham, who was arrested in Alabama Tuesday and had his initial appearance today.

You can read the FBI complaint here.