Proud Boy arrested for Capitol riot with help of photo at antifa website

Marc Anthony Bru truly had insult added to injury this week when it turned out that his arrest by the FBI in connection with the January 6 Capitol riot was at least partly facilitated by an anti-fascist website.

Bru, 41, of Vancouver, WA has been charged with breaching the Capitol -- like so many others -- with the help of anonymous tips to the FBI. But in his case, the bureau had a little help from photos posted at PNW Resistance, an antifascist website that's the last place a Proud Boy like Bru wants to be seen.

Here's how Bru's apprehension was described by the website of Oregon Public Broadcasting:

"According to an affidavit, an anonymous tipster told the FBI in early February that Bru had planned to travel to D.C. on Jan. 6 to "witness history in the making," telling the tipster, "you are about to see. It's going to be big."

"The affidavit claims a second individual the FBI interviewed saw Facebook videos posted to Bru's account that showed him at the Capitol. The FBI also relied on open-source intelligence from an unlikely place: the popular antifascist Twitter account PNW Resistance known, in part, for scouring videos of right-wing demonstrations and identifying the individuals.

"It appears the account is associated with the anti-fascist movement and purports to attempt to publicly identify individuals who are associated with or are members of certain groups," the affidavit reads. "I am not aware of the credibility or lack thereof of the information posted on the account. Regardless, the following photographs were located on this website."

"The affidavit then includes some of the evidence collected by PNW Resistance and explains how the agent was able to verify the information.

"Of the many photographs included in the affidavit, some from his social media show Bru pointing a handgun at the camera and flashing the "ok" sign, a hand sign popular among white nationalists and far-right groups. Others purport to show Bru, donning goggles and a neck gaiter, advancing toward police officers in front of the Capitol on Jan. 6 as they are trying to disperse the crowd. Bru appears to have a radio clipped on the inside of his sweatshirt. Security camera footage provided by the U.S. Capitol Police appears to show Bru before and after he allegedly entered the Senate chamber.

"The affidavit also alleges Bru's cellphone "was identified as having utilized a cell site consistent with providing service to the geographic area that includes the interior of the U.S. Capitol building."

The account goes on to provide some striking insight into the Proud Boys operation:

"A video from January 2020 shows known members of the Proud Boys attacking Bru during an initiation ceremony into the far-right group, which prosecutors say played a central role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

"In that video, Bru is shirtless and holding the "ok" sign, says he is "a proud western chauvinist" and refuses "to apologize for creating the modern world." A number of people then punch him while he struggles to recite the names of five breakfast cereals.

"OPB reporters have also identified Bru in videos and photos taken at the 2019 May Day Proud Boy rally in Portland, which later devolved into a street brawl in front of Cider Riot, a local bar. A few months later, Bru was at an Aug. 17 Proud Boys rally in Portland."

Despite all that, the Oregonian reports that "U.S. Magistrate Judge Youlee Yim You in Portland ordered Bru's pretrial release with GPS monitoring." Apparently, that decision happened over the objections of prosecutors, as the newspaper reported:

"Assistant U.S. Attorney Ashley Cadotte read a recent text message sent by Bru that was intercepted by law enforcement. He talked about outnumbering officers, being "done with them" in a way that no "NGs," or National Guard members, "would be dispatched from DC to come put out this fire" no matter what judges say from the bench, according to Cadotte. It's unclear who he sent the message to.

"Cadotte argued that the recent message "displays a wanton disregard for any type of authority or laws we have in place. People were injured at the Capitol on Jan. 6. People died, and he is attempting to corral people to effectuate the same type of visceral and damage in Portland."

"She also argued that Bru had a gun in his waistband when arrested and was seen carrying guns in photos on social media.

"Yet the judge found Bru has long-standing community ties and family in the area and some evidence of employment. In addition to ordering GPS monitoring, she said Bru must stay away from the District of Columbia, surrender travel documents and not possess any guns."

Bru, by the way, is one of the few accused Capitol rioters with an existing LinkedIn account.