Marco Rubio slammed by CNN's Gloria Borger for dodging questions about Gaetz scandal

On CNN Tuesday, analyst Gloria Borger tore into Sen. Marco Rubio for refusing to comment on the Matt Gaetz scandal to correspondent Manu Raju — and the Republican Party generally for seeming to take a vow of silence on the matter.

"There is this reporting from The New York Times about cooperation between this Gaetz associate, said to be cooperating with the Justice Department," said anchor Anderson Cooper. "Except for Congressman Adam Kinzinger, Republicans have been largely quiet when it comes to commenting on Gaetz's future. Nobody wants to weigh in on this. Marco Rubio, when asked whether he backs Gaetz, said, I don't know anything about the case. You can only keep that up for so long."

"Right," said Borger. "And look, I think when I hear Marco Rubio, it takes me back a few years to hearing Republicans over and over again say, oh, I didn't read that tweet by Donald Trump, I don't know much about this, I can't comment on it. The irony is that Matt Gaetz is not a popular person on Capitol Hill. They don't like him. But Donald Trump has been sort of tepid in response to the Gaetz thing, saying he's denying, denying and what is being played out is the Trump playbook that, effectively, Republicans learned you can deny anything until there is some disposition one way or another in the Justice Department case. So Republicans are hanging back."

"The only person who called the charges 'sickening' is Liz Cheney of Wyoming," added Borger, "and she wouldn't comment any further, but you'll recall that Gaetz went to her district to campaign against her after she said that Donald Trump should be out of office."

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Gloria Borger on Marco Rubio's refusal to discuss Matt Gaetz scandal