Marco Rubio mocked as 'silly' for false claim Trump's stolen documents are just about 'storage'
Florida senator Marco Rubio. (MSNBC/screenshot)

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has remained mostly quiet through the 2022 election, but he came out of hiding to comment on former President Donald Trump's stolen document scandal for the first time. It has been several weeks after the search warrant was issued by a federal judge for the documents.

Rubio's excuse for Trump was that the only issue was that the documents weren't stored properly. That is not only false, but it's also unclear if Rubio has been paying attention to the news while he's been on vacation from the Senate.

It's a drastic change from Rubio's comments when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in office and was found to have electronic information, none of which were classified.

"Hillary Clinton’s reckless and thoughtless mishandling of classified information is not the end of the story, however," said Rubio. "It’s only a matter of time before the next shoe drops and the nexus of corruption and controversy that has surrounded Hillary Clinton throughout her time in public office produces yet another scandal for the American people to endure. Given the consequential and challenging times in which we live, America simply cannot afford any more Clinton drama."

"It's not where the documents were stored. It's that the documents were stolen," said former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.

MSNBC's Ari Melber laughed at the Rubio statement, calling it "silly."

"Now, calling this a storage issue would be like saying that if you robbed a bank and took out $100 million and they wanted it back and you wouldn't give it back, and then they legally seized it under judicially warranted progress. And you said, hey, this is a storage debate, man! I'm saying that with a smile, because that's how silly the argument is, but the underlying point matters," said Melber. "It matters a lot for the nation."

Trump, by contrast, is arguing that it's about books or libraries, which also doesn't work. No one is allowed to steal documents for a book, as former Gen. David Petraeus learned in 2015.

The moment Rubio called it a "storage issue," Professor Melissa Murray said she thought of a mini storage unit where people keep their winter clothes to swap out.

"This is more obvious than just some storage issue," she explained. "And it isn't even a question of storage. The real question is: why does he have this top secret classified material in what is essentially a basement of a country club in Palm Beach, Florida? It boggles the mind that this would actually be the case. So, to slough it off as a storage issue, I think underscores the way in which some members of the Republican Party want to downplay this when it's a major issue of national security that demands considerable attention and accountability."

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