'Maria Bartiromo sold out': Fox News viewers go berserk after host airs doubts about election fraud
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News viewers lashed out at the network over the weekend after several shows aired a segment undermining President Donald Trump's claims of election fraud.

According to reports, at least one Fox Business host and as many as three Fox News hosts aired a pre-taped segment with a spokesperson from Smartmatic, a voting systems software company.

The interview was aired again on Sunday by Maria Bartiromo, one of President Donald Trump's top defenders on the network.

The segment was met with contempt from viewers, who refused to believe that the election fraud claims had been debunked.

"So I guess @MariaBartiromo just sold out-shameful," one viewer wrote on Twitter.

"@FoxNews needs to be ashamed for making her air this tripe," another viewer tweeted.

"Who got to @MariaBartiromo?" another commenter complained. "Why has she put this fraud Eddie Perez, clearly an apologist for Smartmatic, on her show TWICE to read scripted denials to scripted questions-- right down to reading back the questions, a deposition trick taught by good trial attorneys?"

In a legal notice sent to Fox News last week, Smartmatic accused the network of a "disinformation campaign"

"Over the course of the campaign, Fox News published and republished dozens of false and misleading statements regarding Smartmatic," the statement said.

Watch the video and read some of the responses below.