Marilyn Manson raided by county sheriff as part of sexual assault investigation
Marilyn Manson (Youtube)

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has been accused of sexual assault and outright abuse by actress Evan Rachel Wood, who has released a statement saying that Manson "groomed" and "horrifically" abused her during their relationship. Another allegation against Manson stated he would lock women in a soundproof room to punish them.

One ex-girlfriend filed a suit in Sept. 2021 against Manson under a "Jane Doe" pseudonym in which she alleged that he would "bash her head in" if she ever reported him. She said that she would be denied food, sleep or physical safety. The filing then went into great detail and explained why she should qualify for the "delayed discovery rule" that would allow a suit to dispute the expiration of the statute of limitations.

The judge assigned to the case denied the motion and the suit was refiled with edits.

TMZ reported Monday that Manson's house was raided by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Special Victims Unit on suspicion of sexual assault.

Manson reportedly wasn't home at the time and law enforcement forced entry into the house with a warrant.

A source told TMZ that the warrant connects probes into the allegations against Manson.

Police took storage drives and hard drives from the home.

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