‘Child abuse’: Greene breathlessly blasts masks for kids because adults aren’t wearing them at the Super Bowl
Marjorie Taylor Greene Facebook screenshot

COVID-19 deaths are up eighteen percent but U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is calling for a nationwide moratorium on mask-wearing for children, even calling the practice to protect both the child and those they come in contact with, “child abuse.” She warns, “they’re going to be future voters and they are sick and tired of being forced to wear masks.”

“I’d like to talk about how children feel about mask,” an apparently out-of breath Rep. Greene (R-GA), said in a speech on the House floor Monday. “You see, while they’re watching television, seeing Super Bowl games where adults are filled, filling stadiums without mask and enjoying themselves while they see concerts happen. They see people go to work, they see adults going many places all over this country without mask.”

The Super Bowl is next Sunday.

Children, Greene says, “are forced to wear masks every single day at school. And it’s wrong. Actually, it’s child abuse,” she concludes, falsely.

“Now I know that sounds like strong words, but it really is because children are not at risk of COVID-19,” Greene lied.

“As a matter of fact, children are at the lowest risk. But you know what’s harmful to children, having their faces covered all day long at school, not being able to see each other’s faces, not being able to see their teachers faces not being able to learn properly, speech, emotions and having that connection, seeing each other’s faces and learning from adults seeing each other’s faces.”

More than 1000 children in the U.S. have died from COVID-19, as of mid-December. And last month CDC reported an increased propensity to develop diabetes in children who have been infected with the novel coronavirus.