MTG says US should be 'bombing Mexican cartels' and 'Antifa BLM rioters' instead of 'aiding' Ukraine
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo by Jim Watson for AFP)

Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green appeared on former President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr.'s podcast, Triggered, this week to discuss top priorities for the House GOP, insisting her Democratic congressional colleagues allocate funds towards "bombing Mexican cartels" instead of providing aid to Ukraine, Mediate reports.

The Post Millennial first shared a video of Greene and Trump's conversation via Twitter, in which Greene states her belief that the Democrats are at fault for all federal debt.

The Georgia congresswoman asserted, “The Democrats have spent over 7 trillion in the past two years" and insisted "cutting spending is easy" if the Department of Justice's programs are cut.

"How do we hold the Department of Justice accountable?" she asked rhetorically. "Well, we cut off their money on programs that they’re running."

Greene added, "Things like going after parents at school boards, going after Catholics for wanting to end abortion, you know, going after, relentlessly going after anyone that walked in the capitol on January 6th while totally ignoring all the Antifa, BLM rioters."

The former president's son responded, "It never stops. And just so we understand, like these are not government programs, these are taxpayer-funded programs. These are always your money. And they’re blowing it on Ukraine. They can’t take care of ourselves. They’re blowing it on drag queen story hour. You know, there are things that can get cut.”

The congresswoman and Trump agreed Democrats are responsible for $34 trillion debt, believing the "insanity that they're pushing" can be cut.

Greene continues, "Another thing we need to stop is funding the war in Ukraine. Don, I can’t understand why we’re fighting a war in Ukraine. We’re not bombing the Mexican cartels who are poisoning Americans every single day. And I know that sounds extreme. I’m not talking about the Mexican government or the Mexican people. I’m talking about the cartels. They’re murdering Americans."

Watch the video below: