Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for US military strikes on Mexico
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo via Marjorie Taylor Greene Facebook)

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is calling for the U.S. Armed Forces to militarily attack Mexico, specifically Mexican cartels, which under international law would be illegal and could be seen as a declaration of war.

The extremist Republican congresswoman on Monday said the U.S. Military should be “stationed at our southern border,” and called for theAmerican troops to “strategically strike and take out the Mexican Cartels,” while specifying, “not the Mexican government or their people, but the Mexican Cartels which control them all.”

“They are international terrorists and criminals murdering Americans everyday with drugs and crime!” she continued, echoing Donald Trump’s 2015 presidential announcement.

“They are making BILLIONS on drug and human trafficking and are terrorizing anyone who stands in their way. Our military is competent and should take them out swiftly. Make an example out of these monsters. The only difference between the Cartels and ISIS is that the Cartels are on our southern border.”

Greene, who has increasingly been pushing pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine rhetoric, also on Monday used the kidnapping of four U.S. citizens in Mexico to push her agenda.

“Mexican Cartels kidnapped 4 Americans this weekend and Mexico is so DANGEROUS that if you go to Mexico ‘you are on your own!,'” she claimed. “But but but.. Ukraine!”

She was quickly mocked.

“The moral and emotional leader of the Republican Party wants to use cruise missiles against Tijuana (and also has no knowledge of what’s required to do an airstrike anyway) so things are going great,” tweeted communications strategist Dante Atkins.

Steve Metz, a professor of national security and strategy at the U.S. Army War College who specializes in American defense policy mocked Greene, tweeting: “Tell me you are clueless about national security strategy and international law without saying you are clueless about national security strategy and international law.”