Marjorie Taylor Greene is arguing with officials and reporters over a bag of sand
Marjorie Taylor Greene, R- Ga., speaks during a news conference outside the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 5, 2021, in Washington, D.C.. - Drew Angerer/Getty Images North America/TNS

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is convinced that a bag of sand found at the border is "an explosive device" planted by the cartel, and continues to argue with officials and reporters about it.

The "explosive device" turned out to be "filled with dirt, according to a Customs and Border Protection source who spoke to a Fox News journalist."

Still, the Georgia congresswoman took to Twitter to argue her thoughts.

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Chief Raul Ortiz, who serves as the 25th Chief of Border Patrol, confirmed the object was not a "threat," tweeting, "Today, I testified before the Committee on Homeland Security & it was alleged that Agents found an explosive device near the border. During a Jan. briefing, leadership was notified that Agents found a duct-taped ball filled with sand that wasn't deemed a threat to agents/public."

The MAGA legislator did not believe him.

She replied to Ortiz, writing, "Thank you for your testimony today Chief Ortiz and I know you are explaining what you were told when you inquired about the situation after the hearing. Unfortunately, several Border Patrol agents are saying it was some sort of IED and there is video surveillance and pictures of a man placing the device. They say that is why agents were sent to retrieve it in the area known as No Man's Land.

The tweet continues, "This is an area controlled by the Cartels according to BP and with the shortage of agents they aren’t just walking around out there to randomly just find something like this. According to them, they were told later that it was some sort of explosive, not filled with sand. I’m just explaining what I was told today and with the extreme dangerous border crisis and threat from Cartels, I’m very concerned about our agents."

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Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter posted the information she learned about the object via Twitter — confirming it was filled with sand — although, sharing her findings only resulted in Greene's reemphasizing her theory.

Carter wrote, "The people I spoke with today say the agents involved were not told at the time that it was a ball filled with sand. in fact, the source said that the supervisors described it as a 'Mexican firecracker' the next day on Jan. 18. They were also told not to discuss it publicly, sources said. The source said the BP agents on the scene went out to investigate after watching a man plant the object on the US side of the border (( it was recorded on surveillance video.))"

The reporter's tweet continued, "The bigger issue is that BP agents feel abandoned by their higher ups. They do not feel as though they can tell the truth or speak openly about the disastrous border policy without becoming targets themselves. This is an example of higher ups, downplaying real fears that these agents they have had at the time of finding this object, said the source. None of the agents, according to a source, were ever given a valid explanation and they are questioning the conclusion that it was just a ball filled with sand, they said. Even if it is — it doesn’t lessen the horrors brought on by open borders policy or the fact that the cartels are out resourcing our LE community."

The congresswoman replied to Carter's tweet, saying, "If the device in question was just filled with sand then why would Chief Ortiz tell me during his testimony that he was briefed about it in a SCIF and couldn’t comment on classified information, then turn around afterwards and tweet a picture of it claiming it was filled with sand? With thousands of people and huge amounts of drugs flooding across the border everyday, they don’t brief the Chief of Border Patrol in a SCIF about a ball of sand. They only brief us about dangerous things in classified briefings."

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