Trump-loving Arizona secretary of state candidate posted about stockpiling ammo while keeping a 'treason watch list'
Mark Finchem and Mike Lindell (campaign website).

Mark Finchem, the Oath Keeper-allied Republican nominee to be Arizona's next secretary of state, made inflammatory social media posts about stockpiling ammunition and keeping a "Treason Watch List."

CNN reports that Finchem's account on Pinterest featured a "'Treason Watch List,' and pins of photos of Barack Obama alongside imagery of a man clad in Nazi attire making a Nazi salute."

Other of Finchem's Pinterest posts compared "Democrats to Nazis" while "invoking the Holocaust to argue against gun control, along with posts calling for stockpiling ammunition."

Another Finchem post warned followers that any "war in America" would have "no rules of engagement."

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Finchem also posted material claiming that the Mexican army would soon be invading the United States and that Islamic Sharia law would soon overtake the United States.

And if Finchem's Pinterest posts weren't inflammatory enough, CNN also uncovered a series of posts from a since-deleted Twitter account.

"On Twitter, he shared conspiracies that multiple ships docked at a Virginia naval station might be a target for a second Pearl Harbor-type attack," CNN reports. "He said Satan ruled the United States and said gun ownership should be mandatory. In one post, he called for the impeachment of Obama, who was then President, for letting his daughter go on vacation in Mexico."

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