Trump-backed candidate is 'probably the dumbest' state legislator in Arizona -- according to an Arizona Republican
Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem (R) (YouTube)

Trump-backed Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem isn't just seen as an extremist by Arizona Democrats -- it seems many Arizona Republicans feel that way about him as well.

In interviews with Politico, Arizona Republicans take shots at Finchem, who for years has served as a state legislator in the Arizona House of Representatives and who has developed a reputation as a far-right crank even among his GOP colleagues.

“It’s basically from political gadfly within the Republican caucus to potentially the number two person in the state of Arizona,” Arizona Republican Sen. T.J. Shope tells Politico. “It’s a meteoric rise.”

Fellow GOP state legislator Paul Boyer was even more blunt in his assessment of Finchem.

“Mark is known as the guy that’s probably the dumbest — well, there’s a long list, but one of the dumbest — legislators in the state House,” he tells the publication.

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This prompted Finchem to hit back at Boyer, whom he describes to Politico as an "utter disgrace."

Finchem, who has openly boasted of his support for the Oath Keepers militia, won former President Donald Trump's endorsement after he hyped up the twice-impeached former president's conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election.

In the weeks leading up to the general election, Finchem is leaning into his false claims about the election being "rigged" against Trump.

“Chinese Communist Party now has operational control over many elections across the United States because they control the servers where all of the electronic data sits," he tells Politico.

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