'No Labels' organization in turmoil after hiring disgraced reporter Mark Halperin
Mark Halperin (MSNBC)

A political organization co-chaired by former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is in turmoil after a controversial hiring decision.

"A nonpartisan political organization is facing blowback from its employees after hiring journalist Mark Halperin, whose career as a prominent TV pundit hit a wall after he faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Junior staffers at No Labels objected this week when the organization hired Halperin, co-author of the best-selling campaign chronicle "Game Change." The internal dissension grew so heated that two employees who complained were granted paid leave — to consider whether they want to stay, the organization said — and a third is considering resigning over it," The Washington Post reported Thursday.

"Halperin's career as a political analyst collapsed at the start of the MeToo era in 2017 after at least a dozen women, including former colleagues, came forward with allegations against him ranging from unwanted touching to sexual assault. Since then he has taken small steps back into public life. He wrote a book about the 2020 presidential election, started a newsletter, and began turning up as a commentator on relatively low-profile radio and TV outlets such as Newsmax," the newspaper reported. "Earlier this week, No Labels hired him as a consultant for an unspecified project. But the move didn't sit well with some of No Label's employees, most of whom are young women."

"No Labels's co-executive directors Margaret White and Liz Morrison defended Halperin's hiring in public statements this week. But Morrison later acknowledged that "two employees accepted our offer to take paid time off to think about what they wanted to do" in the wake of discussions about Halperin," the newspaper reported.