Infamous pro-gun Senate candidate McCloskey just got busted for faking famous rapper's support
Patricia McCloskey (Screen Grab)

Republican U.S. Senate candidate seemed to imply he has the support of a 1990s rapper in a campaign advertisement.

"Vanilla Ice wants his fans to know that he is not affiliated with long shot Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark McCloskey after a political ad featuring the artist’s name and photograph was promoted by the campaign on Thursday," the Kansas City Star reported Thursday. "In a statement Thursday evening, managers for Vanilla Ice said the rapper did not give approval for his show to be coupled with the political ad."

The ad announces "Team McCloskey" in Greene County on July 31.

"Featuring Vanilla Ice and Ying Yang Twins" the ad said.

"The campaign ad appeared to suggest, at least, that McCloskey and Vanilla Ice would be at the fair in Springfield, Missouri, on the same day. But McCloskey is scheduled to make his appearance on Sunday, two days after the show," the newspaper reported.

McCloskey, and attorney, said his campaign was "merely saying that we’re going to be there at a time when they’re going to be there" even though they were not there at the same time.

Raw Story was able to capture an screenshot of McCloskey's tweet.

Screengrab of Mark McCloskey for Missouri tweet.

While McCloskey does not have the support of Vanilla Ice, he does have the support of MyPillow founder Mike Lindell.