Mark Meadows is 'up to his neck' in two possible federal crimes: MSNBC legal analyst
Mark Meadows is cooperating with the Jan 6 committee: report

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace on Monday, Los Angeles Times legal analyst Harry Litman alleged that Mark Meadows might be in deep legal trouble after the revelations over the past several days.

According to court filings that revealed testimony from Meadows's own aides, it became clear that the former chief of staff knew what they were plotting on Jan. 6 was illegal and he was warned that it could be violent.

"It was the premeditation," began Wallace. "There isn't anyone more senior than the White House chief of staff. That's it. Especially in the Trump White House. The record is clear that that person was the only adult in the room when it was a White House chief of staff and a president. What does the premeditation and knowledge of violence ahead of time mean for everyone who had that knowledge? Was in possession of the knowledge and has testified to eyewitnesses now who have testified before congress?"

Litman agreed, saying that it's clear Meadows had the knowledge.

"Meadows is in the middle of everything, however crazy, however completely half baked or quarter baked, but your point really is the right one because once we have knowledge of the violence, he is up to his neck in a potential conspiracy to obstruct the proceedings because what's the point of the violence?" asked Litman. "It's to delay or hinder and that's exactly what it did. So, for that, he's in serious hot water. And the [Justice] department, if it shows, can really put the screws to him."

He went on to say that because Meadows was also involved in the fake electors' conspiracy it could even be worse. Litman explained that there is an Office of Legal Counsel opinion that makes it clear what they were trying to do was illegal.

"That puts him in the soup for potential conspiracy against the United States," said Litman. "A slightly different crime, 371, but knowing it's unlawful and pursuing it. Though he is right in the middle of everything, however crazy, but now he's really up to his eyebrows in two potential, federal crimes. Serious federal crimes that give a lot of time. We know he's susceptible, right? He started to cooperate and backed off at the prospect of a single year in prison and there could be much, much more leverage now brought against him with these new revelations."

Mark Meadows is up to his eyeballs in possible federal crimes