Mark Meadows is 'racking up' crimes: GOP strategist says Trump's White House felt rules didn't apply to them
Gage Skidmore.

Republican political strategist Susan Del Percio noted that it seems former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-?) is "racking up" the crimes as questions are raised about charges around his voter fraud. Meadows was a former congressman for North Carolina but moved to Virginia when he left the House and went to work for former President Donald Trump.

After a discussion about the Republican Party's "less desirable" candidates that are far right-extremists or not-ready-for-prime-time Republicans, GOP political strategist turned to address Meadows' troubles with the law. Meadows was using a mobile home in North Carolina as his address, but he never lived there and, it's possible, never even visited.

This week the North Carolina Board of Elections voted to expel Meadows from the voter rolls since he didn't live there and currently lives in Virginia.

"That leaves open the question of whether Mark Meadows misrepresented his domicile in 2020, a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison and whether he committed voter fraud in the 2020 election," said host Aymon Moheldin.

"It's disgraceful," said Del Percio. "It's an embarrassment. I do wonder if he is guilty of that and then you add the pending referral to DOJ about refusing to appear before Congress and ignoring the subpoena. That's another criminal charge. It seems like Mark Meadows is just kind of racking them up right now. But most of all, it shows that there is no way that Mark Meadows or the Donald Trump administration felt the rules applied to them. And that's what -- that is the clear intent here."

Moheldin also mentioned the two people in The Villages, a Florida retirement community, who confessed to voter fraud. One is a confirmed Trump supporter. For a party that seems to be passing a lot of laws to stop voter fraud, Moheldin said that none of them seem to be coming out to denounce actions of voter fraud by their own people.

"That's right, because the Republicans have been in support — both at the federal and at the state legislative level — in support of legislation and litigation claiming that voter fraud exists and largely exists on the Democratic side, right?" said Alaina Beverly, former Urban Affairs aide for President Barack Obama. "So, the Brennan Center recently came out with a really stark report that explains the connection between these claims of voter fraud that did not exist on largely the Democratic side, right, saying that voter fraud did not exist. But we saw a whole raft of litigation coming out of the election in 2020 based on those -- those failed voter fraud claims, and then all of those lawsuits and all those claims were codified into legislation. So, that's why we're seeing voter suppression proliferate across the country."

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GOP strategist notes Mark Meadows has a lot of criming going on