Mark Milley had to 'batten down the hatches' against Trump's 'unhinged' behavior: presidential biographer
Gen. Mark Milley (Screen Grab)

On CNN Thursday, Trump biographer Carol Leonnig broke down the new revelations about Gen. Mark Milley's efforts behind the scenes to rein in the former president in his final days in office.

"You have a lot of reporting in your book about General Milley's concerns about the former president, he met with the general chiefs about how to handle any orders they feared could come from the commander in chief," said anchor Anderson Cooper. "What do you make of the new reporting?"

"You know, Anderson, I think it pulls back an important layer of the onion," said Leonnig. "These are, I have to say in all candor, these are friends and colleagues of mine, Bob Woodward and Bob Costa, and I think their book has a lot of interesting new material. I think this tells us, you know, exactly what Pelosi was describing just then in London, the grievous concern was not just some Democrats, as Speaker Pelosi and as we reported at the time, said to Milley, you know, you know the president is not stable, you know he's not stable, right? What are you doing about it?"

Leonnig went on to explain that Milley apparently took the warnings seriously, and Woodward and Costa's reporting shows "how much he himself was worried not about somebody pushing the nuclear button but just wanting to batten down the hatches, make sure everybody in the chain of command understood how this was going to happen."

This was necessary, Leonnig added, because Trump "was behaving in a, you know, let's face it, an unhinged way after the election and much more dramatically after January 6th."

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Carol Leonnig on Trump's "unhinged" behavior forcing Mark Milley to act