Christian nationalist politician thinks First Amendment protects him from being criticized
Mark Robinson speaks during a press conference in Raleigh on March 16, 2021. - Ethan Hyman/The News & Observer/TNS

North Carolina Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is furious that people are criticizing him over his virulently anti-LGBTQ views, and thinks the First Amendment is supposed to protect him from that criticism while he expresses his "deeply held religious values that are guaranteed to me by the Constitution."

"Because I'm a Christian," Robinson said during a press conference call with fellow right wing religious extremist E.W. Jackson, "because I believe that homosexuality is a sin and adultery is a sin and fornication is a sin—but chiefly because I believe homosexuality is a sin—these people want to call me names and push me out of the public square. That is not how this country was designed to work."

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom to worship but it also guarantees freedom of speech, which includes freedom to criticize others, especially elected leaders.

“This goes to the heart of religious freedom," Robinson also said, as Right Wing Watch reported. “More to the point, it goes to the heart of the bigotry that we see—and yeah, I used the word bigotry because they love that word—the bigotry that we see against Christians."

“In this country," Robinson also declared, "you have the right to be able to be a homosexual and transgender person, there's no doubt about that, and I'll stand up for your rights to be able to do that. But as far as you going into schools and promoting it to young people and trying to push your feelings or your lifestyle on someone else, that is an absolute no go."

Robinson has made headlines recently for his vicious attacks against LGBTQ people, calling them "filth" and demanding nothing about LGBTQ people be taught in schools.

The North Carolina GOP Lt. Governor also announced there's a "95 percent" chance he runs for governor in 2024. but kept most of his remarks focused on attacking LGBTQ people and playing the victim of anti-Christian bigotry.

"We will," Robinson declared repeatedly using "we" when speaking about himself, "in our churches preach our Gospel, and we will not be impeded in any way because of it or [be] discriminated against because of it. We don't want to hold up anybody else's lifestyle or deny them of their lifestyle, but you're also not going to deny me my lifestyle as well."



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