Fox News host: Amber Heard verdict puts 'a stake in the heart' of 'believe all women'
Fox News host Martha MacCallum (screen grab)

Fox News host Martha MacCallum speculated on Wednesday that a verdict against actress Amber Heard would put "a stake in the heart" of the idea that all women should be believed when they report sexual abuse.

Moments after a jury ordered Heard to pay actor Johnny Depp $15 million for defamation, MacCallum suggested that the loss was a blow to the MeToo movement.

"It's interesting to watch this dynamic in the frame of these MeToo stories and cases that we have watched so many of," the Fox News host told Attorney Brian Claypool. "And there have been some pieces written that this, you know, puts a bit of a stake in the heart of the notion that you believe all women."

"It appears with this, some semblance of justice as it was meted out by this jury -- they're the one that heard this case and gave this decision -- appears to exist," she added.

Claypool agreed.

"The argument is you're using the MeToo movement in an abusive way to promote a movie so you can make money," he explained. "That really what I think this jury found and that's what they believed."

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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