'Seems like a foolish strategy': Ex-prosecutor reveals why Trump may come to regret suing his niece
Donald Trump pointing his finger like a gun (CNN/Screencapture)

Donald Trump may be attempting to scare people away from talking to the press with his new lawsuit against his niece, Mary Trump, and The New York Times.

On Wednesday, MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber interviewed former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance about the lawsuit, that she described as "curious."

"You know, the word frivolous is not a word that lawyers throw around lightly about lawsuits because it has implications. Trump's Kraken lawyers learned that when they were sanctioned," Vance said. "But this suit boarders on frivolous."

She explained that the lawsuit "fails to point to a specific provision in the agreement between them that she breached and that's of course essential if you're going to prove a contract claim."

"So, at least on its face, without having access to the primary documents, this doesn't look like a lawsuit that's going very far," Vance.

Melber, who practiced law prior to his career in journalism, wondered about the timng.

"I get what he's doing," Melber said. "I get why he's doing it. Mary Trump does as well with her somewhat cheeky comments. What I don't get is the when. Do you have any insight, legal or otherwise, as to this coming up now?"

"Trump usually files lawsuits as an aggressive mechanism, right? This is his history, so he might file a lawsuit, for instance, to distract from other things that are going on around him or to try to send a message to people, maybe reminding folks that he does have nondisclosure agreements with them and he will take to courts to enforce them," Vance replied.

"It seems like a foolish strategy," she said. "If it goes far enough, he'll be subjected to discovery. This is the notoriously deposition or interview shy former president who would have to ultimately sit for a deposition here, so that seems to imply that he knows that this case -- this is more of a stunt, perhaps a fundraising strategy than it is a legitimate effort."


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