Michigan Catholic school says making students wear masks would be a direct affront to God
Resurrection School Lansing on Facebook.

The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will take arguments on Wednesday on whether a Michigan mask rule violates the Constitution.

The Resurrection School in Lansing, a Catholic elementary school, argues the mandate is unconstitutional.

"The school says such a rule would violate 'sincerely held religious beliefs' because they say humans were made in the image of God, and masks shield that image from being seen," Michigan Radio reports. "They also allege requiring masks poses a health or learning problem for students who have allergies, difficulty breathing, or trouble being understood when they talk through a face covering."

There is not currently a statewide mask mandate in Michigan, although that hasn't stopped the school from continuing to pursue its case.

On Monday, a Trump-appointed federal judge ruled a university can mandate vaccinations in another case testing the ability of educational institutions to respond to the pandemic.