'My family no longer feels safe': Wisconsin school board member resigns amid anger over his vote for mask mandates

A member of the Beaver Dam Unified School Board has resigned over what he says are safety threats to his family after he voted in favor of school mask mandates.

Madison.com reports that Tony Klatt, who has served on the school board for the last two years, is stepping down because he does not want to put his family members at risk from anti-mask activists who are angry with his vote.

"My family no longer feels safe," he explained on his Facebook page. "When there is talk of protesting my house and someone later pulls in front and takes a picture of my address while my daughter is home alone, she does not feel safe. When a car sits running in front of my house late at night on a non-thoroughfare, my family does not feel safe."

Nonetheless, Klatt said that he does not regret his decision to vote in favor of mask mandates for schools, which he said was the best decision based on the science of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

"The decision to put our kids in masks is not a popularity contest, it's based on facts at hand," he said.

Nonetheless, Klatt concluded that "it isn't in my family's best interest for me to try to appease a vocal group that continue to try to intimidate, harass, insult, and throw civility to the side."