Man believed to be Lunar New Year shooter appears to be dead as police surround van
Police Tape (AFP)

Fox News believes that the shooter of the Monterey Park Lunar New Year event may have killed himself after cameras showed a bullet hole in the window of the white van that police surrounded in a parking lot.

According to CNN, the police are awaiting the bomb squad before they make entry of the vehicle.

Police tried to do a traffic stop on the potential shooter and that's when police thought they heard a shot and believe that the shooter had killed himself. It's the main reason that they are not in any rush to get into the vehicle.

Around the area, businesses and homes remain in lockdown.

The Monterey Park police said in the briefing that they were still trying to shield the families of victims and asked the press to give them space. They also said that they aren't willing to say whether the person inside the white van is the shooter.

As police moved into the vehicle it appeared that the occupant was dead, slumping over the steering wheel. Police appeared not to have any sense of urgency to pull a person out. Officers also began carrying some items from the van like blankets and other items.

Ten people were killed at a dance studio in Monterey Park, California with at least ten others injured near a Lunar New Year festival celebration. Police are investigating if the shooting is related to a domestic violence issue or if there are other possible ties to the attack.

“After a day of celebration, we are waking up to a nightmare. This is devastating beyond words. We cannot imagine the pain that so many families are experiencing today," Stop AAPI Hate stated in a news release. "Many people on our staff know this community well and feel connected to it. Our hearts are with the loved ones of all those whose lives were taken, those who were injured, and the countless others who were shaken by fear that no one should have had to experience."

The story is still developing.