Chaos in Massachusetts GOP as vice chair resigns after being accused of sending ‘creepy’ comments to underage girls
Photo: Tom Mountain

The Massachusetts Republican Party's disarray continues to escalate.

Vice Chairman Tom Mountain announced in an email to GOP state committee members that he is resigning his position over a "scurrilous and demeaning" blog post, the Boston Globe reports.

Mountain did not name the blog post he mentioned, but the newspaper noted a story posted by Turtleboy Sports on July 9th titled, "Vice Chairman Of Mass GOP Leaves Tons Of Creepy Comments For Women On Facebook Including Underage Girls, Claims He Was Hacked."

The story alleged that Mountain had left "creepy comments" about an intern for Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL). The story alleges that some of the comments were left on photos when she was only 14 and 15.

Mountain also allegedly also left "creepy" comments for an intern working for Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) and left "a really weird boomer comment" on pictures posted by a young conservative activist.

The state party had scheduled a special meeting to discuss the allegations on Monday night.

"His resignation, and whatever further drama it brings, are just another blow to a party that faces dwindling vote share and limited fundraising. The struggling state party was recently derailed by scandal after Deborah Martell, an elected Republican on the state committee, wrote anti-gay e-mails to and about a gay Republican congressional candidate, bringing condemnation from figures as prominent as Governor Charlie Baker and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel," the Globe explained.

Last week, 16 prominent Massachusetts Republicans announced they would no longer donate to the party unless the chairman was replaced. The group had donated a combined $1 million.

Mountain caught coronavirus and infected four of his family members after the mask-skeptic attended Trump's White House Christmas party. His wife had reportedly begged him not to attend the party.