Charlie Sykes stuns MSNBC host with lewd description of Thomas Massie’s gun photo as like pic of his privates

Speaking to MSNBC on Sunday, conservative commentator and Bulwark editor Charlie Sykes attacked Rep. Tom Massie (R-KY) after he posted a Christmas photo of him with his family in their pajamas with a bunch of guns.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, generally known as the "prince of peace."

In describing the photo, Sykes called it nothing more than a "d*ck pic," photos that men send unsolicited to women of their penis to show off their masculinity. Sykes explained that Massie's need to show off how big his gun is.

"Frankly, I'm sorry to be offensive, but that's the equivalent of a dIck pic," said Sykes. Host Lindsey Reiser noted she wasn't sure they could say that on television.

"But it's all about showing off weapons as a fetish!" said Sykes.

Others on the panel agreed with the assessment but noted they weren't willing to go as far as Sykes in describing it so explicitly.

Reiser came back after the panel discussion and apologized to "families" who may have been watching and heard Sykes refer to Massie's guns the way he did. The stand-in-host, didn't make it clear whether she finds the gun photo more objectionable than the use of the word "d*ck pic."

See the discussion below:

Charlie sykes and Tom Massie