MSNBC guest rains hell on evangelicals remaining silent about Matt Gaetz's sex scandals

On MSNBC Saturday, "Unfiltered" host Roland Martin slammed evangelical conservatives for staying silent on the mounting sex scandals of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

"Let's just go to church," said Martin. "Where are you at, Robert Jeffress? Where are you at, Ralph Reed? Where are you, Franklin Graham? Where are you, Paula White? Where are all you white evangelicals who love talking morality and principles and family and values? How are you saying nothing? Y'all running your mouth when Congressman John Conyers, the late Congressman, was accused of sexual harassment. You were running your mouth when Senator Al Franken was accused of the same thing? Now, all of a sudden, you're quiet when Matt was showing nude photos of women he allegedly slept with to other House members, where are you?"

"See, this shows the hypocrisy of these white conservative evangelicals, and also the Black conservative evangelicals who stand with them," said Martin. "This shows how foul in faith they are ... they said nothing, and Fox News hadn't said a word for three days until Mr. Brett Baier reported. Oh, but you had Matt Gaetz on 20 times in the month of March. This shows you how fake and how much of a joke they are when it comes to family values. You are not the party of the family values. You are not the party of the working class. You are silent and quiet, and that's why I will never again — they can't say anything about any future Democrat or anybody else because of their shameful behavior. They're fake Christians."

Watch below:

Roland Martin slams "fake Christians" staying silent on Matt Gaetz