Matt Gaetz might be doomed in the wake of Joel Greenberg's plea deal
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz's former wingman, Joel Greenberg, recently struck a plea agreement with prosecutors after being charged with crimes that include sex trafficking a minor. According to VICE News, former prosecutors who reviewed the deal say it's clear that the investigation is headed for Gaetz next.

Greenberg, the former Florida county tax collector, pleaded guilty to six criminal charges on Monday.

"Prosecutors would not make a deal like this unless they had bigger fish to fry, and given public reporting, it's hard to imagine who else Greenberg might be implicating," said former New York prosecutor Rebecca Roiphe. "It's not yet certain, but it sure looks like Gaetz is facing a tough legal road ahead."

As VICE News' Greg Walters points out, the pressure for Greenberg to cooperate is "extraordinary" considering that he likely faces decades in prison. While his plea deal doesn't necessarily mean federal officials plan to indict Gaetz, it does mean "that they are trying to build a case against him, and have now secured a major witness against him," vice dean of Cornell Law School David Ohlin told VICE News.

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