'Creepy' Matt Gaetz is a 'literal pedophile': future sister-in-law
Rep. Matt Gaetz. (Facebook photo)

Embattled Rep. Matt Gaetz was blasted as "weird and creepy" and "a literal pedophile" in TiKToK videos posted by Roxanne Luckey, the Florida Republican's future sister-in-law, The Daily Beast reports.

The maker of the videos is the sister of Gaetz fiancée Ginger Luckey.

In the first video, she referred to him as a "literal pedophile," but clarified in a second video the correct term may be "ephebophilia."

She said it was "weird and creepy" Gaetz tried to set her up with a man in his forties when she was only 19-years-old. When she confronted Gaetz, she said his response was "1000% gaslighting."

"I saw the character and type of person he is, and when everything came out about him, I honestly, unfortunately, was not surprised," she explained. "As someone who has personally experienced a ton of creepy old politician men hitting on me when I was underage, and experiencing sexual assault at that age by people of power, it's very disheartening and I have zero tolerance of people like [Gaetz]."


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