Stephen Colbert rewrites Florida math equations with a special Matt Gaetz twist

Florida has been ridiculed for its recent decision to slash several dozen math textbooks from its schools because Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said that the math books are indoctrinating children with critical race theory.

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert added to the voices of those asking questions about the math accusations.

"This weekend, we learned that Florida rejected 41 percent of new math textbooks, at least they think it's 41 percent. For some reason, they just suck at math," Colbert began. "So, why the war against arithmetic? The Florida education department explained that reasons for rejecting textbooks included references to critical race theory, which the Florida legislature says includes theories that distort historical events."

Colbert said that it explains the updated unit on division, quoting former President Abraham Lincoln, "a house divided against itself, hey--that's two houses! Nice!"

"Florida officials did not name the rejected textbooks nor provide examples of passages that failed to meet the criteria, but, described the review process as 'transparent,'" Colbert continued with his mockery. "I guess they also banned dictionaries, because that's not what transparent means."

So, to help Florida come up with a state-approved math problem, Colbert suggested this: "Congressman Matt Gaetz and 2 friends have 10 ounces of cocaine. There are 12 people at the party, 3 of them are girls under 18. What should he call it on the Venmo transaction?"

Colbert went on to talk about the recent revelation that Tucker Carlson and his Fox colleagues are having their masculinity threatened.

"Now, I'm generally hesitant to talk about Tucker, because he just says and does stupid things for attention. But this one's so stupid it got my attention," said Colbert.

He went on to celebrate Fox for coming forward with their homoerotic documentary, but he did take issue with one clip in the hairless, man-loving video. At one point, it shows a guy milking a cow to display his strength. However, there was no bucket under the cow.

"I'm not farmer Brown, but I'm here to tell you unless you got a bucket, you're not milking. You're a cow fondler. Okay?" said Colbert.

See the opener below:

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