'Investigations first': Matt Gaetz hosts impeachment talk as Hurricane Ian pounds Florida
Rumble/screen grab

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) hosted a podcast on impeaching President Joe Biden and members of his administration as Hurricane Ian's eyewall was breaching Florida's coast.

Gaetz spent less than 90 seconds of his Wednesday 30-minute Firebrand podcast on the hurricane.

"I want to take just a moment to let you know while we're here live at the Longworth Office Building at the Capitol complex, my heart is in the sunshine state," the congressman said.

Gaetz recommended having candles and charged batteries before moving on.

"Please keep my fellow Florida man, Florida woman in your prayers because there are a lot of people on the peninsula going through a lot," he said.

But Gaetz spent most of the podcast on what he called the "MAGA oversight agenda."

"I don't care what the leadership in Washington think of either party if their desire is to go engage in some unified effort against the American people," he said. "And I think we have to get to the corrupt core of these agencies."

"At a minimum, we have to open the impeachment inquiries of people like [DHS Secretary] Alejandro Mayorkas," he continued. "If we're not willing to engage in an impeachment inquiry at least at the outset, I believe we will have betrayed the voters who intend to give us power."

Gaetz added: "The MAGA agenda is an investigations first agenda and it is an agenda that will include impeachment."

Gaetz used a portion of the show to plot with Newsmax host Sebastian Gorka about how to create a select committee to investigate members of the Biden family.

"We're here strategizing what Republican control is going to look like in the next Congress," he told Gorka. "There's some talk on the Hill today about what a select committee would look like to be able to delve into the compromise of the first family."

Gaetz concluded his podcast with another mention of the hurricane.

"It's gonna be a rough one," he admitted. "It's a big storm but we're tough folks down in the Sunshine State."

Ian reportedly made landfall just minutes after Gaetz ended his live stream.