Matt Gaetz pouts as he reveals 'many' Republicans 'argue very fervently' against impeachment
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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) revealed on Monday that he is upset with some Republican members of Congress refusing to impeach President Joe Biden if their party takes control of the House in the midterm elections.

During an interview with conservative podcaster Steve Bannon, Gaetz said that "many" Republican lawmakers do not want to impeach Biden.

"Recently, there was a gathering of the top Republican committee chairs, ranking members incoming, and when they did Q&A with the donors and the lobbyists that were gathered to support the Republican majority, the questions were things like, 'Well, are we going to pass a farm bill again? Are we going to work with the Democrats so that we don't have to go through the pains of any government shutdowns?'" Gaetz said. "They want to go back to those days."

He continued: "Even when I talk to my current Republican colleagues, there are many that not only oppose any impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden but who even believe that an impeachment inquiry into [DHS Secretary] Alejandro Mayorkas, who is purposefully turning our border into a turnstile, that even that wouldn't be something that they would support."

Gaetz reiterated that there "are current members of the Republican majority, people who will be in the next Congress, who are arguing very, very fervently that they will oppose the use of the 'I' word — impeachment — in any context for any official in the Biden administration."

The congressman argued that Republicans were being given a "mandate" to impeach the president.

"If we don't use the same tools, if we don't engage in impeachment inquiries to get the documents and the testimony and the information we need, then I believe that our voters will feel betrayed," he warned. "That could be the biggest win that Democrats could hope for in 2024."

"We are in a battle," he added. "And we have to open up every vector of attack on a corrupt administration that is punishing the American people out of these virtue signals to wokeism."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

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