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"The Daily Show's" Jordan Klepper was at it again, asking MAGA fans questions during a rally for the insurrectionists in prison. After, Klepper went to Capitol Hill for a press conference by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) who spends a lot of time on cable news shows.

According to Klepper, Gaetz wasn't willing to answer his questions.

"You know, I'm shocked," said Klepper. "The guy usually likes cameras, and, in fact, I was catching up to him after a stunt he pulled just outside of the Capitol. And usually, he wants those cameras around. You'd expect there to be some follow-up questions. Sadly, he didn't get a chance to hear all my other thoughtful, well-researched inquiries. He was more interested in talking about the CIA and the FBI and the issues they had with Jan. 6. But, I don't know. If the world has any justice, perhaps Matt Gaetz will get his one-on-one time with the FBI soon."

Klepper was referencing a former girlfriend of Gaetz who testified to the grand jury that the congressman paid for sex with underage girls. That fact also prompted Klepper to ask Gaetz if he was attracted to childish things due to the grand jury testimony.

"Hey, Matt Gaetz, if you're going to reenact the events of Jan. 6 who is going to take a sh*t in the rotunda, and also who's going to make the gallows?" Klepper asked. "Isn't that a little bit childish or is that what attracts you to this?"

See the full interview below:

Why is Matt Gaetz so scared of answering questions