After harsh news in Matt Gaetz investigation critics say he'll 'go to prison long before Hillary ever will'

The New York Times and Orlando Sentinel revealed Tuesday that former tax collector Joel Greenberg was cooperating with the Justice Department in the ongoing investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).

Gaetz has maintained that he is innocent of all allegations and that they are politically motivated. He has further said that he is being targeted by the Justice Department in an extortion plot around the allegations. Each time the scandal has been mentioned, Gaetz has used that scheme as an excuse. But in the past weeks, Americans learned that Gaetz gave money to Greenberg, who then gave it to three different women. The description for the money was "school" and "tuition." Gaetz hasn't explained why he was giving young women tuition money.

It prompted many to theorize that Gaetz will be done in the coming weeks and his resignation will come long before his next reelection. Only time will tell.

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