Prosecutors allowing more time for Matt Gaetz's pal to tell all is his biggest problem: legal expert
Rep. Matt Gaetz (Screen Shot)

Speaking to MSNBCs Ari Melber on Tuesday, the Florida state attorney for Palm Beach County explained that it's clear Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) continues to be in trouble.

David Aronberg explained that the judge in tax collector Joel Greenberg's case approved a motion for more time for him to continue working with federal investigators. The fact that the motion was approved isn't the problem, Aronberg explained. It's that the prosecutors in the case didn't object to it.

"That tells me that the federal prosecutors believe that Joel Greenberg, who was referred to as Matt Gaetz's wingman in the past, that he has valuable evidence that the prosecutors think he will provide and that it shows that Greenberg is still motivated to provide the evidence," he told Melber. "And after all, Matt Gaetz is a lifeline for Greenberg because Greenberg is still facing up to life in prison. He pled guilty to child sex trafficking. So, turning on the big fish here, a member of Congress, could get him a sharply reduced sentence."

Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and maintained his innocence.

See the interview below:

Matt Gaetz still looks like he's in trouble